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Green Hill Hotel Kobe Green Hill Hotel Urban
7 min. walk to Kitano area where old Western-style houses are located. Very valuable for weekend & holiday stay. Econical type hotels near Sannomiya Station.


Hyogo Prefecture Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Akashi City
General information of Hyogo including history, and climate, etc. by Honsyu-Shikoku Bridge Authority. Every details about Akashi Kaikyo Bridge can be found.

Outline of Akashi City, by Akashi city.


Hyper Timetable Kansai Int'l Airport
Check the domestic flight schedule and Shinkansen timetable here. Official site of KIX, containing access and facility info. etc.

Green Hill Hotel Akashi
2-1-1 Ohakashi-machi Akashi-city Hyogo 673-0891 Japan
TEL 078-912-0111 / FAX 078-912-0120
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